Holsworthy Spring Convention 2014

Saturday 22 February 2014, 09:00 - 16:30

Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Manor Car Park, North Road, Holsworthy, EX22 6DJ (map)

Note - new location for 2014

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'Spring Apiary Management'


'Summer Apiary Management'

Philip McCabe - beekeeper, lecturer & author (Collins Beekeeper's Bible), President of the European Commission of Apimondia, & International Bee Research Association

Philip is an entertaining and much sought after lecturer, not only in Ireland but also in the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He currently works 60 hives, mostly 'nationals' in five apiaries. His headquarters for beekeeping is the Adult College at An Grianan, Termonfechin, and HQ of the Irish Country Women's Association (ICA).

We will have two talks by Philip, 'Spring Apiary Management' in the morning and after lunch 'Summer Apiary Management'

Based on many years of experience, these talks complement each other and are a thoroughly practical look at managing colonies through the busiest time of the beekeeping year.

'Chemical Recognition in the Hive'


'The Asian Hornet'

Professor Steve Martin – University of Salford

Professor Steve Martin now holds the Chair in Animal Ecology at the University of Salford after initially studying in Wales followed by an MSc in Japan and PhD when he studied the local hornets. On his return to the UK Steve worked at the National Bee Unit for seven years where he researched the pests and pathogens of honeybees and in particular the parasitic Varroa mite. After the NBU Steve moved to the University of Sheffield where for 12 years he carried out research into the chemical recognition systems in social insects and continued his work into honeybee pathogens.

His main areas of research at the University of Salford are the study the pests and pathogens of honeybees and understanding the complex chemical communication systems that underlie most behaviours in social insects.

We will have two talks by Steve, 'Chemical Recognition in the Hive' in the morning and in the afternoon 'The Asian Hornet'. These reflect Steve's research interests over the years and will give us all an insight into these important aspects of modern beekeeping.

'Planting For Bees'

Emma Van Huysee – RHS Rosemoor

Emma works in the Plant Centre at RHS Rosemoor and will be talking to us about the best plants to grow in our garden to attract pollinating insects, especially the honeybee.

Emma will have plants and seeds for sale.

Choice of workshop

This year we are offering three workshops on a variety of honeybee related topics. Delegates are asked to choose which workshop they wish to attend

Workshop A: 'Feeding Bees and their Nutrition'

Simon Jones – Regional Bee Inspector

Workshop B: 'Changing combs for a Healthy Hive'

Ian and Ruth Homer

Ian Homer Ian with his wife Ruth has kept bees for 33 years in Dorset and in Northumberland. After a career as an Electrical Engineer, Consultant and Project Manager, Ian joined the National Bee Unit in 1999 and was a seasonal bee inspector in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Co. Durham, then in Devon, before becoming Regional Bee Inspector for Southern England and later Extension and Learning Officer, retiring from the NBU in July 2011. Ian's major interests are encouraging beekeepers to practice good bee husbandry and attempting to present beekeeping issues in a practical and straightforward way. He feels strongly that if beekeepers can develop a greater understanding of their bees, they will derive more pleasure from keeping them. He is currently an elected Trustee of the British Beekeepers Association.

Workshop C: 'Cornish Black Bee Project and Queen Rearing'

Nick Bentham–Green and Jo Widdicombe

The aim of the Cornish Black Bee Project is to save the remnant population of the native Apis mellifera mellifera (AMM) (Black Honey Bee) in Cornwall. Nick and Jo are members of the project and both believe that progress in bee improvement in Britain and Ireland is only likely to come from determined groups of beekeepers working together. Groups can learn from each others' successes and failures.

Trade stands

Holsworthy Beekeepers are grateful for the long-term support of many local beekeeping suppliers.

At the 2014 convention the following traders will be represented:-

  • Modern Beekeeping

    A wide range of beekeeping clothing and equipment. For more details see the website at www.modernbeekeeping.co.uk

  • BeeBay

    Based in Bideford, Bee-Bay provides organic products for the treatment of Varroa, Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae and Chalkbrood. For more details see the website at www.bee-bay.net

  • Northern Bee Books

    If you need a book about beekeeping, any book ever published, then ask Northern Bee Books, they will have it or be able to get it for you. For more details see the website at www.groovycart.co.uk/beebooks

  • Rawlings Glass of Bristol

    Rawlings is the leading independent glass packaging specialist with the reputation for sustainable quality. This is their first visit to the Holsworthy Convention and they will have a sample honey jar for every delegate together with generous discount vouchers for their jars. For more details see their website at www.rawlingsbristol.co.uk

  • RHS Plant Sales

    Emma Van Huysee, from RHS Rosemoor is one of the speakers at this year's convention and she will have bee friendly plants and seeds for sale from the RHS shop. For more details see the website at www.rhs.org.uk

  • BBKA Education Information Desk

    There will be a representative from the BBKA Education section to give advice and information on the extensive range of help and suport there is available for all beekeepers to increase their knowledge of bees and bekeeping.

    In particular there will be information on the local support groups available when studying.


Holsworthy Memorial Hall

There is a new location for the convention in 2014 - Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Manor Car Park, North Road, Holsworthy, EX22 6DJ, (map)

Note - new location for 2014

  • Car Parks
  • Memorial Hall, EX22 6DJ

    Next to the Memorial Hall, 60p per hour, free after 12.00 noon on Saturdays

  • Well Park Long Stay Car Park, EX22 6DH

    Approx 250m from the Memorial Hall, £1 all day.


Holsworthy branch members - £14

All others - £16

The cost includes ploughman's lunch, tea and coffee


The booking form is here



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