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Holsworthy Spring Convention 2020

22nd February 2020 at the Memorial Hall Holsworthy (Map)

 Reception opens at 9am. Breakfast butties on sale (£2.50 each), last orders 9:45.

Lectures start approx 10am and and the day finishes at 3.30pm.

Main Speakers are:

Dr Anthony Williams from the COLOSS team: The causes of  Colony Collapse Disorder.

Paula Carnell: International Bee Consultant. Keeping healthy bees.

Professor Stephen Martin: Salford University: The evolution of natural Varroa-tolerance mechanisms in various beekeeping populations.

Tickets include all Teas and Coffees, homemade cakes, Lunch with Hot Puds.

Download application for ticket(s) here

 or call 01237 440165 and leave your details (name, branch[if applicable], email address and telephone number).

Tickets are £18 (Holsworthy Branch Members), £20 (Others) and £10 (Juniors, under 16 yrs), on the day or by BACs (details on request).


26 February 2020, 07:30pm.

Beginners Course: This will run for 10 weeks. If you know of anyone who wants to keep bees, or needs that extra lift, and might be interested, please email the Treasurer

The Stables, Chilsworthy, EX22 7BH.


28 March, 10:00am

Hammering and Banging: Once again it is that time of year when we need to make frames, boxes, check stores and tidy the branch apiary and the Club House. Many hands make light work, so if you can find time to come along to help at your branch apiary you will be most welcome. The day will start at 10:00am and somewhere along the way there will be hot sausage and/or bacon butties as well as lashings of tea and coffee.

Dunsland Club House, EX22 7AA


5 April, 02:30pm

Branch apiary meeting: This is the first of the year after which they will be held fortnightly (19/4, 3/5, 17/5, 31/5, 14/6, 28/6, 12/7, 26/7, 9/8 and 23/8). All branch members are very welcome to attend, both new and experienced, there will be lots of opportunity to learn by listening, watching and doing as well as chat about bees and anything else and, of course, drink tea and sometimes eat delicious cake.

Please bring your bee suits and veils but note that the branch has adopted a policy of 'clean gloves'. This means that all members should wear clean gloves and that leather gloves (unless they are new and reserved for the branch apiary) will not be allowed. Disposable latex gloves will be available.

Dunsland Club House, EX22 7AA map